Tau Lambda Education Foundation 501(c) (3)

In 1978 the Tau Lambda Chapter established the Tau Lambda Education Foundation, a separately incorporated and free-standing 501(c) (3) charitable organization to support the charitable needs of the fraternity, particularly scholarships for deserving young men and women in the community.

In order to resolve the ongoing and divisive conflict between the brothers regarding the chapter’s budget of $250 to the Martin Luther King Scholarship Committee, Brother Calvin O Atchison proposed that the chapter incorporate the Tau Lambda Educational Foundation, Inc. to resolve the conflict. The proposal was presented to the fraternity for adoption with the purpose 1) the Foundation assuming the function of the Martin Luther King Scholarship Committee and all other charitable commitments of the chapter, i.e., Boy Scouts, UNCF, and the like 2) the chapter provide the foundation with seed money of not less that $500 each year until the Foundation could be self sustaining.

Its charter included Bros. Atchison, Eddie T. Goins, Arthur L. Fox, Charles D. Proctor, John H. Tisdale, Wilson Q. Welch, Jr., and Ronald A. Wooding.

Since 1981, the Foundation has risen to a higher level by sponsoring an annual Founder’s Day Luncheon. It is an all-purpose affair: commemoration, public informer of Alpha Phi Alpha’s National Programs and Tau Lambda’s programs; presentation of scholarship recipients, reclamation of brothers, fund-risers, etc. Many have helped, but Brothers Battle and Fox have been recognized leaders for this annual event. Visit Site

Tau Lambda Housing Foundation

Is a not for profit organization created for the dual purpose of receiving and holding title to property and to engage in contracts, ie insurance policies, loan documents and the like, with respect to the operation of the house, and to insulate the brothers from liability. The second purpose is to generally manage the House. The original members were Brother Julian Blackshear as President, Brother Michael Crooms as Treasurer and Brother James Berry as Manager. The members were Brothers Stan Evans, Melvin Ferguson, Chuck Henderson, William L. Hipps, Floyd Jones and Victor Moore