Special Projects


Project Alpha

Collaborative effort with March of Dimes to developed to increase the knowledge of African-American males about the teenage pregnancy from the male perspective. Seeks to assist young men in developing an understanding of their role in preventing untimely pregnancies through responsible attitudes and behaviors

Go to High School Go to College
National Program established in 1919. The purpose of this program is provide young men with information and strategies to succeed and concentrate on completing high school and college

Voteless People Hopeless People
National Program established in 1930s. The purpose is voter registration. In the 1990s the focus is also on political awareness and empowerment

Senior Citizens Luncheon
Is designed to identify elderly citizens and provide holiday spirit to those seniors who are living on fixed incomes that would most likely not have the opportunity to have the traditional Christmas joy

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Partnership to increase the number of African-American children exposed to positive African-American adult role models

Boy Scouts of America
Partnership to help young men to form positive character and leadership qualities in and for future generation